Samuel Bonnet

Guitarist - Composer - Educator



"From Junk to Jazz" workshops are a creation of Samuel Bonnet and are based on years of practice as a musician, activity leader and creator of educational musical activities for children. Based on the principles of "Lutherie Sauvage" (construction of musical instruments made from recycled materials), developed in Belgium by people such as Max Vandervorst and Vincent Van Sull, these workshops have a dual purpose: aware kids about the importance of recycling in an ecological approach and make them an experiment  an alternative and spontaneous practice of music, far from the requirements and the competitive dimension of traditional music education.

The workshops take place over a period of 2 hours and in 3 stages:

1. Construction and decoration of instruments

2. Familiarization with musical instruments and games

3. Learning a song and mini-show

List of places and centers that have hosted the event: Greenhouse (Israel), Kfar Tabash (Israel) Bedouin Village, Paul Stewart Cultural Center (Pointe-Claire), YM-YWHA Center (Montreal)



Les ateliers "Jazz et Recyclage" sont une création de Samuel Bonnet et se basent sur des années de pratique en tant que musicien, animateur et créateur d'activités éducatives musicales pour enfants.  Se basant sur les principes de la "Lutherie Sauvage" (construction d'instruments de musique à partir de matériaux recyclés), développée notamment en Belgique  par des gens comme Max Vandervorst ou encore Vincent Van Sull, ces ateliers ont une double vocation : sensibiliser les enfants à l'importance du recyclage dans une démarche écologique et permettre d'expérimenter une pratique alternative et spontanée de la musique, loin des exigences et de la dimension compétitive de l'enseignement musical traditionnel.  

Les ateliers se déroulent sur une durée de 2 heures et en 3 étapes :

1. Construction et décoration des instruments

2. Familiarisation avec l'instruments et jeux musicaux

3. Apprentissage d'une chanson et mini-spectacle

Liste des lieux et centres ayant accueilli l'activité :  Greenhouse (Israel), Village bédouin de Kfar Tabash (Israel), Centre Culturel Paul Stewart (Pointe-Claire), Collège St-Louis (Lachine), Centre YM-YWHA (Montreal)


"The Jewish holiday of Tu B’Shvat celebrates the “new year of the trees”, a time of appreciation of nature and the environment. Samuel Bonnet’s “From Junk to Jazz” workshop was the perfect way to celebrate the holiday in a fun, engaging way that promotes recycling and sustainability. The energy in the room was contagious as children and their parents moved from one station to another – everyone wanted a chance to create all the different instruments! Not only was Samuel an engaging facilitator, but he was also easy to work with in planning this workshop. He was very organized and accessible, making sure we had all the materials we needed and providing proper instructions to the volunteers. This is a wonderful workshop that was enjoyed by the children, parents, and volunteers alike! Merci Samuel!"
Carly Berlin, Director, Youth and Family Engagement | Directrice - Programmation jeunesse et familles - Sylvan Adams YM-YWHA | Ben Weider JCC | Harry Bronfman YCC
"I will never forget how I felt at an event that the Greenhouse held, where a Canadian musician named Samuel Bonnet came to hold a workshop for kids in building their own instruments from recycled materials and then holding a concert to play together. The Greenhouse was the perfect setting for the event. The workshop was crowded with excited kids and parents. People from all backgrounds came, and so many languages were being spoken. Not everyone could understand each other,  but it did not matter whatsoever because we were all doing the same thing. The event perfectly paralleled the Greenhouses mission in that people of all backgrounds can come together to solve problems we are all facing and to make something beautiful!" 
Camille Rickman, MIT Student
Deparment of Mechanical Engineering, Class of 2015